6 Negative Attitudes That Affect Success In Women

Think positive and you will earn success, a popular saying tell us. In finding women, men need to have a positive thought always to achieve victory. Sadly, today a number of men fail to get the women they desire as a result of their lack of effort in wooing these women. Their lack of effort could be attributed to the negative thoughts that they instill in their minds which result in failure in the long run. Here are six negative attitudes men need to avoid to find success with women.
1. Laziness

A number of men today are too lazy to get out of their way to find women. To hide their lazy attitude, they would just explain that they are still waiting for the women who will love on who they are. Well, for me the line is so cliche, the truth is they are just too lazy to exert efforts to find women. To get the women of our dreams, men need to exert efforts in finding ways that appeals women to men. He should do his homework to impress his prospect and not just hide with the cliche that he is waiting for the woman who will love him 100 percent.
2. Lack of faith

Some men are afraid of being turned down by women that they end up just sitting around waiting for a woman to come to them. Instead of doing the hard work in finding women, men would just seats around and wait till love will find them.
Men need to remember that they need to exert efforts if they want to get success especially in finding women. In finding women, men should also have a positive attitude to get positive results. Men should get out of his comfort zone and go to places frequented by women to find love.
3. Lack of self confidence

One of the main reasons why a number of men poorly  fails to succeed in dating is their lack of self confidence. Many single men strongly  think themselves as ugly that women will not like. If you lack self confidence time to forego such negative attitude and face the real world with a strong self confidence. Always have a positive attitude that you can find a woman to love. Instill in your mind that women are not only attracted on the looks of a person but on his over-all personalities. You might not have the looks but your personality and talent might carry you to success, so always keep your chin up.

4. Nervousness and anxiety

Two character traits that hinder men from getting success in finding women is their being nervous and anxious.
Due to their nervousness and anxiety, men end up blank in their conversation with women which leave a bad impression on their dates. I suggest that men need to calm down during a date with women to have good conversation with her. Men should also practice the art of storytelling since most women love men who can tell them stories during their dates. A person who have many stories to tell can certainly leave  good impressions to women.

5. Lack of knowledge on love

Many men end up a failure in finding women, since they lack the proper knowledge on love. Some men have a misconception that only selected men who have the skills and looks to get the women they want. Well, such an idea is not true, like any skill finding women successfully is a process that can be learned and practiced. The first thing is to get information on how to attract women and when you get ideas on the matter practice it religiously and later apply it in life.  Just have a positive outlook on the saying “Practice makes perfect”.

6. Procrastinate character

One of the common pitfalls of men in finding success with women is their procrastinate character. Instead of initiating immediate effort to go on dates with women, some men put on hold their finest  effort until they would eventually lose their interest in doing it. Allowing time to pass before men starts pursuing  women will mostly end up in failures for him. Men must remember that time is of a great essence if you want to find success in dates. Do not allow negative thoughts to overcome your drive to get a woman since doing so will be disaster for you. To overcome your procrastinate character, make an action plan that you will suffice to get the love and trust of the woman you are pursuing.

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How To Express Your Love To Women Without Actually Saying It

Humans by nature are romantic beings who love to feel and express their love.
It is always pleasing to the ears to hear the word I love you from your special someone.
However, not all of us are comfortable in saying this magic word to our partners regularly.
Here are 5 tips you can use to express your love and flirt with your woman without actually saying it.
1. Touch of love

A simple and passionate touch, kiss, hug, snuggle and massage to your partner is more than enough to say I love and to flirt with your partner.
It is such a great feeling for someone to be touched, kissed, hugged, snuggled and massage by their partner. Doing this action will surely make your lover love you even more.
2. The Power of love notes and poems

If you cannot say it in words express your love though love notes and poems instead.Express how much you care for your partner by sending an email or text message.You can also leave special love messages in the different areas in your house or in the places your lover frequents. A person who receives love messages will not be happy but will also appreciate greatly the gesture of the one who send it.

3. The wonder of food

Most humans in this planet love to eat. No wonder it is such a treat and special if someone partake of a food given by a lover. To create romance and strengthen your relationship, express your love and flirt with your woman through food.
You can love and flirt with your woman further if you cook and serve the food yourself. However, if have no talent in cooking to just make some reservations to the favorite restaurant of your lover, as way of flirting with her and expressing of your love.
4. A date to remember

If you want to bring smile and romance to your partner you can also express your love through a memorable romantic date. You can have a picnic or do things aside from the usual dinner and movie. The good thing about this strategy is that your partner will love you more and appreciate your effort especially if your date is a success. Flirting with your woman using this step will certainly yield good result in the end.

5. Eye contact with partner

A simple eye contact with your partner can have a spell a lot of difference as the action shows how much you care and love that person.  Looking straight to eyes of your partner will make you closer and united with each other.
This form of flirtation and expression had been a huge success for years, so try it now!

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“I Want To Chat With Girls”- Why Men Want To Chat With Girls

Communication comes in various forms and chatting is one of them. Chatting is one way of establishing communication to our family, friends and especially to our special someone. Most men can express their thoughts and feelings through chat, they’re crying out “I want to chat with girls”.

As many reasons in place why men want to chat with girls, boredom could be one of the reasons. Boredom kills, one way to ease boredom is through chat. Men find it interesting and enjoyable to chat with opposite sex since they’re boredom is relieved. Pastime can also be a reason. While we have nothing to do why not chat with girls, it can give us a reason to enjoy and relax.

To make friends, friends are adding up color to our life. In times of agony and pain they are there to help, during crying times we have shoulders to cry on and during joys and laughter they’re there to laugh with us. Chat can be a useful tool to finding friends. To establish relationships, this is the most common reason why men chat with the opposite sex.

They find it effective to communicate what they feel to girls of their interest through chat. They can easily build rapport and establish connection to the girl they love or interested in. They felt that they can pretty much say anything to the girl without hesitation. Stress reliever, chat can help put a smile to your face especially if the one you’re chatting with is your special someone.

If you have this thought “I want to chat with girls” there must a reason to it.

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Dirty Talking Tips- A Way to Ignite Intimacy between Partners

Warm-ups are necessary in most sports before putting themselves to the track. Warm-ups are preparing the body or setting it to go. Same thing with bed scenes, it ignites both parties if they engage themselves to dirty talks. How can they possibly put more flame to bed? Can dirty talking tips help?

Most couples love dirty talking, they felt their bodies are igniting and much ready to do the action. In throwing dirty talks to your partner you need to know

• When and where to deliver the lines
Of course it wouldn’t be ideal if you exchange dirty talks on public places. People around you might get shock and think that you two don’t have proper etiquette. Deliver dirty lines on private places, were only two of you are there. Private places are conducive in building up intimacy between the two of you. Aside from that, you are not putting others in concession. The place is intended for the two of you can talk dirty anytime you want.

• What exact words to throw
Knowing the exact words to throw creates an impact to sexual pleasures. It wouldn’t create an environment ready for intimate moments if one of you doesn’t know the exact words to throw. Both of you might end up sleeping rather that engaging to sexual pleasures and much worse in argue. So to avoid that know the proper words to utter or communicate to your partner as this will surely end up to something both of you like. Dirty talking tips are helpful to ignite both of you.

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Flirting Phrases for Women- Knowing the Right Lines to Deliver

For women not to be embarrassed to his men knowing exactly what to say can help start a conversation and make him more interested in you. Flirting phrases might be helpful but this does not guarantee landing a date with a good-looking man.

You may think that flirting can be achieved by throwing flirty lines with a face to face encounter. Attracting men through flirting can also be used online specifically through chats. Engaging to online chats to land a date makes us feel less shy. You can use some flirting lines accessible online to head start a conversation.

Knowing the right flirting lines to use enables you to start a relationship that can lead to a wonderful one. Throwing flirting lines have good benefits if use appropriate and disadvantages if use inappropriately. Understanding what the person wants can help you determine what lines to throw to start a conversation.

Learning how to throw the right flirting lines can give you confidence in introducing yourself. The initial conversation will not be awkward. It will open possibilities of gaining the person’s attention. With the right flirting lines possibility of getting rejected is low. The words that you utter the first time can give a powerful impression that may interest him.

Flirting phrases are helpful to start up a conversation. But it can be deadly if not use properly. You need to match the situation and person and the lines you throw. This can be a little confusing at first but with practice you will certainly land the correct lines for that man you like.

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Get a Girl to Date You- Things You Need To Know

Do you find it hard to get a girl to date you? What are the things you need to know to win a girl for a date?

Most men find it hard to ask a woman out for a date instead they end up merely gazing at their special girl. While you’re struggling for it, you might find it useful to read dating magazines or books. They can supply you with ideas on how to ask a woman out. They can even give you a step by step guide on how you are able to ask her out formally. While those ideas are helpful to you, the ideas generated are sure to make you a better you when it comes to asking a girl out. I’m positive that you will be able to get positive answer if you learn to embrace the technique you’ve learned. Here are some key things you need to remember in asking a girl to date you

  • Be natural, act natural
  • Ask her formally
  • Do not use other person in asking her out
  • Don’t be arrogant
  • Make sure to deliver unique lines
  • Set a positive impression towards her
  • Make sure that you’re clean and smells good

With those tips, you will not find it hard to get a girl to date you. Strike with a positive attitude, reflect a positive aura and act natural towards here. These are attitudes that will surely make you outstanding towards her and a positive answer will be given to you.

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Helpful Tips On How to Ask a Woman Out

There are lots of beautiful women out there; you might find yourself gazing at them. Do you find it hard to ask them out? Perhaps knowing tips on how to ask a woman out is helpful to you.


  • Get right to the point

Don’t do run around; get it straight direct to the point. Ask her for specific places that she likes so that she will certainly enjoy every moment he gets to spend with you.

  • Ask her formally

Don’t ask her via email, text or ask somebody else’s help. Formality on asking her out leaves a positive impression to her.

  • Don’t be ignorant

If you meet a woman and you certainly like her, asking her out should be done nicely. Don’t leave a piece of paper or perhaps a calling card informing her of your contact details. You are mostly to get “no” as an answer to your request. What women are thinking if you have that kind of attitude is you’re not a good person to be with.

  • Be cool and act natural

Don’t pretend that you’re like this and like that, that you have this or that just to impress her. Be cool and act natural as this creates an atmosphere wherein both of you interact well.

  • Ask her out with lines that are not seen and used by all men

Using lines on famous movies or poetry is what most men do, most men think it’s cool but women find it irritating. What women appreciates are line delivered originally and solely for them.

With those tips in place, how to ask a woman out shouldn’t be that hard. Be natural and act natural so that you will certainly get an optimistic answer to the woman you like.

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How To Chat With Married Women – How To Talk To Married Females

chat with married women Chatting with married women has a lot of advantages. For one, talking to married females is way easier compared to single ladies. Why? Because they do not see you as a threat since they are already hitched unlike with single females who measure every single inch of you before they open up because they look at you and they see a potential mate.

So you see, learning how to chat with married women indeed is a lot of fun. You get to practice your flirting skills and if she is hot you get your ego stroked real good at the same time.

Now you can learn how to chat with married women and all the single ladies out there and have them find you irresistible! Make sure you do not miss out on this one!

So here are some tips how to chat with married women and start to work your magic:

1. Ask her what she does for fun, but throw in a compliment to enhance the effect and get her attention. Say something like, “So what does a pretty girl like you do for fun?” The best part about this is that you do not have to think of an interesting topic to chat with her plus she gets to talk about herself and you get to show her your killer listening skills that women adore.

2. Get her opinion. You do not need me to tell you how women love to give their opinion so turn it to your advantage. When you chat with married women, do not just talk about things on the surface, ask her how she really feels about them.

This is a very cool strategy when you talk to married females because it shows that you care about her opinions and it gives you more flirting space. If you agree with her thoughts, you have something in common, or if you disagree, you can tease her about her thinking, and when you cant with married women, teasing is always a good sign because it bring up tension, sexual tension.

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Pick Up Lines To Get Girls – Effective Pick Up Lines Women Want To Hear

pick up lines to get girls Let us get this down first – pick up lines to get girls are not exactly the best thing in the world to win a woman. Using your natural wit and charm to get her to notice you is definitely the most productive way to go.

But, getting pick up lines is not something that you should scratch all together because there are instances when they can help especially when your back is against the wall.

Pick up lines to get girls are handy, because they can be used in any setting and in any environment, you can use these to break the ice with nothing to lose.

Here are a handful of lines that you can use to pick up women asap:

1. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” Hey, I know this is ancient but it is a classic that will not fail you. This pick up line shows class because a.) it shows that you are polite b.) it gives the woman an excuse to talk to you and c.) if she is alone you can take the seat and what was one now becomes two. Perfect.

Now you can learn the secret line women want to hear and pick up all the girls you want!

2. “Would you like to dance?” Women and dancing go together so this is a lovely pick up line to use. Of course, make sure you can dazzle her with your skills and impress her with your moves. You do not have to be Jabawockeez-like but at least do not step on her feet and show her a good time. Do it right and you will be moving to more music in the future.

3. “You really look amazing in that *whatever she is wearing*.” Complimenting a woman about her looks is always a winner because it shows you appreciate her. After a woman puts a lot of effort into projecting her inner self and making herself attractive, finding someone to compliment her is always welcome. It will boost her confidence and she will suddenly be interested in you.

The trick is in the delivery – say it right and you will go places! Remember, pick up lines to get girls should not be cheesy but confident and clever and just in the right amount!

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Confidence Boosters – Tips How To Improve Your Confidence

confidence boosters The key to getting women to like you is confidence and the more you boost your confidence, the more natural you will appear and the more women are likely to enjoy your company and fall for you.

Problem is, there can be a lot of threats to your confidence. No matter how much you try to be physically attractive, financially independent, socially accepted and so on, you may have experiences that can make all of your insecurities get the best of you.

But you should know better than fall for them because allowing your negative thoughts to eat you all up will not boost your confidence. Better yet, here are good confidence boosters that will pick up you self-esteem and help you be the best man that you have always wanted to be:

Get killer confidence boosters and learn how to talk to women and win their hearts! These surefire methods will show you how!

1. Be in good company. Friendship is a very good confidence booster so surround yourself with good people whom you have mutual respect for. The more you engage in a positive light, the more good it will do to boost your self confidence. As your friends appreciate you as a very cool person, you will also see that for yourself.

2. Be well-rounded. It is very easy to fall into one area of your life and neglect your other passions and interests. Truth is, being well-rounded does a lot to boost your self confidence. It gives you more opportunities to let yourself shine and the more you exercise all of your personal qualities, the more you can maximize your levels of self-esteem.

3. Be a social butterfly. Socialization is key to boosting your confidence. There are so many opportunities to socialize every day and you should take advantage of that because the more you get used to talking and mingling with people, the more you will find it comfortable and less awkward when you are placed in unfamiliar situations.

It is all up to you to make it all happen. Remember that believing in yourself is the first step for other people to believe you too and when it comes to women, knowing that you can lead them is crucial. Make sure you follow these confidence boosters and be the best man that you know you really are!

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