Flirty Text Messages : Things to Remember!

Flirty text messages can end up to hot sexting. And for this happens, you have to know the best flirty text messages to send and the flirty text messages you need to avoid.

Here are a few tips for sending flirty text messages that you should not forget;

1.) Never say what you cannot say in person;

The lack of eye to eye contact takes away the fear in most men. However, please do remember that after sending those flirty text messages, you still are bound to see each other. And unless you can be man enough to owe up with everything you say, never say what you think you can never speak to her in person.

2.) Proofread all of your flirty text messages before you send;

A guy I know, once texted a joke to a girl, which was about the girl’s religion. The girl replied: “Are you kidding me? You should not say that.” So the guy, meaning to apologize said; “Sorry, I did mean that.” Instead of saying “DID’T” he said “DID.” which ruined all of the guy’s chance in scoring.

The downside of flirty text messages is that many of the emotions we want to express all depends on the words we type. Your gestures, intonation, voice volume, facial expression and all non verbal cues that really help with communicating are gone. Making sure that your flirty text messages are the best could help a lot in conveying what exactly you want to say.

3.) Never send a racy photo of yourself;

If a girl sends you a picture of her boobs, I am sure you’ll treasure it forever. But that is not the same with girls. Never send a naked photo to the girl you’re sexting with. Good worded flirty text messages are enough to entice a woman to you.